Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Plastic business cards

Plastic Business Cards are becoming more popular as businesses and individuals are looking for unique ways to stand out. Having a unique business card design can be the little extra difference when a potential client or customer is making a decision between services. These plastic cards are also great because they are much more durable than regular paper stock business cards. Having that quality plastic texture gives them that high quality appeal.

When considering a design for your business card then there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration before making your final choice. Your card is an important element of your visual identity and the first point of contact your potential clients will have of you, so the more impressive it is the better their opinion. When you think about how many business cards you yourself receive every week, how many of them do you just glance at before tucking away unseen with all the others? Your card is the one you need to be noticed and stand out from the crowd.
First of all your business card needs to be sturdy and made of a material that is durable, plastic business cards will really help to make your cards last a lot longer than simple paper ones and differentiate your business from others. People are also less inclined to throw a plastic card away so will generally hang onto them far longer than they would a paper one.
Cards can be double or single-sided, transparent or a truly unique shape, color or monotone, and are the same size and thickness as a standard credit card. The quality and ink is important if you want to create the right impression, the more you spend on the materials the longer your card will last.

Printed plastic cards can be used for multiple purposes, as ID or loyalty cards, even membership cards. Products can be numbered, Personalized, signature stripped or bar coded depending on your requirements. The main features of an effective plastic card is that it makes its intent clear, it provides the information you want to impart, it's the right size to fit into a wallet and it is stylishly eye catching. 
Color makes a big difference on whether you will catch the attention of your target clients or not, not enough color will make your card non-descriptive and easily forgotten, whilst too much may end up looking garish or drawing the attention away from the actual written details. Try combining different colors for a special effect or make it look like the product you are selling for a high profile marketing technique. Fun typography will get you noticed or go for retro for something reminiscent of another age.
A tailored plastic card printing process will provide you with high quality printing and a professional look and feel, all at competitive prices.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Plastic card

Plastic cards have changed the way that we pay for goods and services and today, most consumers pay for at least half their purchases with a plastic card. You may be surprised to realize how the introduction of plastic cards has changed your lifestyle so dramatically in a relatively short period of time.  Twenty years ago few of us would have imagined that by 2012 plastic card would have virtually replaced cash, driven the check book to virtual extinction, controlled your means of identification, replaced keys, influenced your shopping habits and governed your ability to borrow a book, enter a gym or even get on a bus.

Plastic card

Plastic cards are made from PVC, one of the strongest and longest-lasting plastics on the market today.PVC plastic is known for its durability and strength. This means that the plastic cards are not easily destroyed and will never snap in half.The high quality solid color plastic cards are individually UV coated to prevent stains as well as protect the cards from moisture and light. The UV high satin finish gives cards a rich high polished and tasteful look.

Plastic card

Let's face it. Everyone carries a plastic card in their wallet or purse. Most people have a lot more than one. Smart companies are realizing this is a terrific opportunity to create awareness for their services or products.Not sure how a customized plastic card can enhance your business? We can show you new and rewarding ways to market your business name using our plastic cards. Our fast, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service reps can answer all your questions and help you design your cards to fit your budget.